awkward ask wins clients … or a Perfect Pitcher?

So yesterday I roll into the local supermarket to pick up a few items.

Wow… what the… where is everything?

Since I’ve been out of town for the past month, the whole freaking store has been remodeled.

Good: there’s now a whole craft beer section. (big win here in Pennsylvania!)

Not so good: Everything else in the store moved.

Where’s the coffee? The red licorice? (yep, my fav unhealthy habit)

So, since I HATE shopping and spending ONE second more than needed in the grocery store, I was forced to awkwardly ask a store clerk:

“Hmmm, so tell me, where’s the coffee? And, how ’bout the candy?”

No problem, huh… it’s only a simple question to some kid at the store?

Yeah, but it felt kinda weird since I’ve been in this store hundreds of times. I KNEW where things were located. I shouldn’t have to ASK.

Here’s the thing:

Awkward asking, according to Blair Enns, is ok.

“Awkward is okay. Awkward is good. It’s real. Slick is, well, slick. A thin, viscous coating.”

Blair nails it here.

Leave your Perfect Pitch and your slick Slide Deck in the trunk.

You Win More Clients when you’re vulnerable and awkwardly asking questions.


So let me ask you a couple questions…


How do you show up to client presentations prepared to ask probing, uncomfortable questions?

What’s the toughest question for you to ask a prospective client?

And a final question:

How can I give you more value you can use to help build your business?