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Shameless, Sleazy Politicians Teach Marketing

how to attract influencers$500 MILLION Dollars.

A half a BILLION Dollars.

Yep, that was the amount of cold, hard cash Special Interest groups and multi-national corporations invested in buying INFLUENCE.

What did this Influence buy?

Passing the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership fast track deal in Congress.

To gain access to Influencers in the House of Representatives and The Senate, cash is king.

Cash is needed to get re-elected, maintain power, and yes, along the way get rich.

It’s shameless and sleazy because we all know it’s legalized bribery.


Hey why not join ’em?

Access to Influencers in your Market can transform your business.

Good news…

You don’t have to stoop to the shameless and sleazy tricks of politicians and Special Interest Lobbyists.

The currency to gain access to Influencers in the Digital Marketing world is value and traffic.

Influencers- those sites who already have traffic and a following of people in your target market- need to continue to deliver value to their visitors to keep traffic flowing and growing.

So, how do you add value for Influencers?


It really takes three simple steps.

1. Do your homework.

Find out what content is popular on the Influencer’s site.

Use BuzzSumo to find out what content is shared most and identify Influencers in your target market.

2. Make the most shared content better- add more value to it.

Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique explains how to take an existing popular blog post and add more value to it.

3. Reach out to Influencers.

But don’t be a jerk about it.

Owners of popular blogs get tons of requests to share, link to, and promote content.

Keep your emails short and to the point.

Simply explain why you felt their original post was so valuable, and inform them that you published related content to add to the discussion. Let them decide if what you put together is valuable for them.

The secret is to reach out to multiple Influencers.

Some will connect and help you.

Some, perhaps lots, will ignore you.

Getting on the radar of Influencers in your target market isn’t going to cost you millions.

But it does take hard work and effort.

Having the right Influencers in you pocket can be THE difference maker for your business.

Do the Hustle.




How Much Do You Want It?


Two emails in my inbox today.

Two ideas to help inspire you in your business.

First the morning inspiration from Mark Joyner of Simpleology:

Vince Lombardi said …

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”


Next, John O’Sullivan pointed to this post on his Changing The Game Project:

An Uncommon Man: Life Lessons from a True Sporting Role Model

Two weeks ago while watching a pro soccer game, my 8 year-old son asked me “Dad, what does it mean to be a professional?” I had just seen that Martin St. Louis had retired, and had read article after article as the tributes came rolling in. I knew I had my answer for my son.


“TJ,” I said, “I’ll tell you what a professional is. I want to tell you about the greatest professional I ever met. And if you work as hard as he did, and believe in yourself no matter what people say, you will be successful at whatever you do. That is what a professional is.

Tonight I want to tell you about a true professional named Martin St. Louis.”



How Much Do YOU Want It?


How Much Do YOU

Want to Reach

the Top Of The Mountain?


1. Never stop working harder than anyone else.

When things are going great- work harder.

When things aren’t going as planned, work harder.


When no one believes in you, BELIEVE in yourself.

When things get tough, BELIEVE you’ll get to the top of the mountain.


BE and LIVE the Pro Life.


Two Things Killing Your Conversions

3 silent conversion killersToday, a change of plan…

I had a Daily Email all mapped out for you.

But, a video from Dan Fagella of CLV boost caused me to ditch it.


In the following 16 minute video, Dan shares Conversion GOLD to increase conversions and boost leads on your blog. 

3 Powerful Methods to Decrease Conversion Friction and Make More Sales Online

While Dan, goes into 3 Methods, it really boils down to TWO things that kill conversions.

Both of these are subtle, and happen in your Ideal Prospect’s subconscious mind.


2 HUGE Conversion Killers


1. Friction

Capturing qualified Leads from your blog posts is a process, a finely tuned system. 

All the parts from the blog post, the Call To Action, The Opt-In Pop-Up or Landing Page, The Thank You/Delivery Page, The Welcome Email…

ALL The Parts MUST work together smoothly.

It’s human nature. If a threat appears. the prospect either fights or runs away.

ANY friction, even a small sign of threat, and your prospects are gone.


2. Not Congruent

Always deliver, or exceed to deliver, what is expected.

If you don’t, it’s not congruent.

This sets off flashing warning lights and alarms bells in your prospect’s head.

If you get your prospect all fired up to solve a pressing problem, and promise Instant Access to a Content Upgrade that delivers the solution…

And then…

On your Thank You page after the prospect opts-in, you present a 15 minute sales video and force your new prospect to click through five pages of up-sell offers, until you finally give him or her the link to the Content Upgrade…

You broke your promise of Instant Access.

And, most likely destroyed trust and any possibility to land the prospect as a client down the road.


Oh yeah, one more “BONUS” thing killing your conversions…

You will encounter friction in your Lead Capture process, regardless of how much time and effort you spend.

Some of the things you build won’t be congruent.

You’ll fail to see them, but your prospects experience them.

The proof will reveal itself in what types of prospects you ultimately convert into Ideal Clients.

So what’s the “BONUS” conversion killer”?



You gotta FIGURE IT OUT.





The ONE Thing You Need to Declare Your Independence

confidence changes everythingOn this 4th of July Eve…

As I’m excited to tee it up, grill it up, and suck down a couple of craft brews over the weekend…

First a quick thought…

What’s the ONE thing SoloPros need to have to succeed?

What do you need to have to…

Say “No” to certain clients, and “Yes” to others?

To firmly set and deliver your project price?

To ask and get prompt up-front payment from clients?

To lead qualified prospects to make a decision to hire you?

To fire clients who waste your time and don’t appreciate the value you deliver?

Push clients to publish and use your copy when they disagree with your approach?




Confidence changes everything.

Confidence changes who you’ll attract to your business, how you price your services, and how you communicate with clients.

Confidence makes you attractive to the RIGHT audience, your Ideal Cleints.

Confidence fills you with the belief that you can do it.

Confidence eliminates the need to use hype and over-promise to land clients.

Confidence eliminates neediness, the Number ONE silent killer of  attracting a steady flow of Ideal Clients.

Rather than hearing prospect coversations that begin with “Here’s what we need. What’s you price?”

And then you blurt out a price and cross your fingers that it’s low enough.


With CONFIDENCE, you lead prospect conversations to choose you because they’re convinced you’re the best fit.

“If you want me, here’s your investment. As soon as I get your full payment, I’ll put you on my Project Schedule.”

With CONFIDENCE you can tee it up, grill it up, and down your favorite craft beers without worrying this weekend if you’ll get the payment from that new client.

Happy 4th of July SoloPro!



$1000 an Hour Focus

what your whyHow much time do you spend each and every day focused on DOING $1000 an hour, or even $10,000 an hour, work?

(Side-Note: Check out Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More to get clear on the power of doing $1000 or $10,000 an hour work)

Or do you slip up and ease into $10 an hour or wasting time doing tasks that aren’t worth anything?

Yesterday, we talked about the $1,000,000 a year formula for Solo Pros.

Yep, like lots of things, it’s simple but it ain’t easy.


Simple- You only need to do two things to make $1,000,000 a year.

1. Spend your time doing ONLY $1000 an hour work. 

2. Hire a small staff to free your time to do this.


Here’s the hard part.

1. Figuring out where to find clients who can afford and will pay you premium fees.

2. Finding the time to attract these clients to your business.

3. Organizing your tasks, creating a process and system, to attract, educate, and convince clients to hire you.

4. Delivering the client work product.


You have your own personal WHY.

Each of us has their own reasons WHY they’d want to build a clientele worth $1,000,000 a year.

Maybe that’s not your goal, That’s ok.

But, if it is, getting REAL clear on your WHY is the start.

For most of us, it takes a mission beyond our own needs and desires.

After all, at $1,000,000 a year, all your needs are easily met.

Your ego might desire things to show off your success, such as a huge house, sports cars, art collection, jewelry, fine clothing, and making a splash in public.

Yeah, that’s the stuff the media loves to show and it’s what the fast-buck artists love to use to sell their stuff.

However, for most people I know (and want to do business with and call my friends)…

It’s not ego gratification.

The WHY is a real mission.

To make a difference. To help others. To spend time and live experiences with family and friends.

To give back. To leave a legacy.

To live a life of value.

What’s your WHY?