A System of ASKING Sets You Free


What’s the biggest hidden asset in your CPA Practice?


Most CPAs, when they really think about this, will answer:

“My customers… my past clients.”

Yet, most accounting pros fail to fully leverage this hidden asset.


They don’t ASK!


ASKING your clients questions…

Systematically ASKING for testimonials…

Having a process for ASKING for referrals…

Positions your business for magical growth, profits, and money in your pocket.

And sets you FREE.

Yet many CPAs don’t know:


Ok… Let’s start ASKING

WHAT to Ask:

Ask the tough questions…The questions that if you knew the answers would change how you market:

It doesn’t matter what kind of accounting practice you run.

Here are some examples of the kind of questions you’d want to ASK:


“What exactly triggered your interest in making a change in your CPA firm during your decision-making research?”

“What exactly did you like about how I approached you and introduced my services to you?”

“On a scale of 1 to 10 with “10” being superb, how would you rate the experience of working with me?”
Specifically in terms of the value: in money saved or earned, time savings, hassles reduced….
(If the answer is less than a “10”…)

“What do I need to do to make it a “10” in your mind?”

“When you add up the value of our work together: money saved or earned, time savings, hassles reduced… What dollar value would you place upon it?”

“Tell me about how you decided to do business with me versus your other options?

“How many other CPAs did you meet with, talk to, get proposals from?”
“How long did the process take?”
“What was the deciding factor in choosing to work with me?”


WHO to Ask:

Ask your top clients, your best clients.

Focus on your top 10 to 20% of your clients that drive 80% of your revenue.

Best: Ask your top prospects that got away… the one’s you didn’t land.


WHEN to Ask:

Feed your prospects these questions in bite-size pieces throughout your client in-take process. Make it part of your client communication and follow-up process.

People resist long, multi-question surveys, but they’ll give you feedback when the question is timely and relevant to the problems they’re trying to solve.

Remember, clients don’t care about you. They care about their problems.

For example, here’s a sample e-mail follow-up for an initial prospect meeting:

I sure enjoyed meeting with you and learning about your plans and concerns about making sure you got all the bases covered with your accounting system.

You know, several clients of mine had very similar situations to yours…Check out XYZ Corp’s “Success Story” on my client testimonial blog.

Something else that would no doubt help both you and I fully understand your unique situation… and make sure I meet your expectations… would be your feedback on a couple questions:

What exactly triggered your interest in making sure you have timely financial reporting and information for your business?

What exactly did you like about how I approached you and introduced my services to you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with “10” being superb, how would you rate my marketing approach versus other services marketed to you?

What would you suggest I do to make it a “10” in your mind?

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your unique and important Accounting and financial program.

As an appreciation for your time in answering these brief questions, click here to claim your Starbucks gift card on me.


HOW to Ask:

Use a turn-key integrated e-mail system, such as MailChimp or aWeber that automatically delivers your follow-up messages, gives you data form creation and capture, and allows multiple automatic message follow-up.

Sure, you may ask these questions during client consultations, but lots of times you’ll simply fail to record and capture the answers.

Having an automatic, integrated client communication system provides you with these benefits:

• You create a database of market research.

• You establish the perception of quick and efficient client service and care… right up-front with your prospects.

• You communicate and establish the “value” of how you do business immediately.

• You subtly position and introduce the concept of client testimonials and referrals at the beginning of the client relationship, without any of that “old school” crap like… “I get paid two ways…”

• You show that you care, value, and appreciate your clients’ time and feedback.

• You lead and condition your prospects in how you want to develop the business relationship with them.

• You utilize the “remarkable strategy of ‘Gift-With- No-Purchase’”…you pile up, as Dan Kennedy explains, “good guilt”. Ethical, honorable people have an imbedded subconscious mechanism that mandates reciprocity. 


When you use a system of ASKING in your CPA practice, you build long-term relationships with your clients, create the perception of value, position your business for Word-of-Mouth referrals and testimonials, and learn exactly what your Ideal Clients want from you

Jay Abraham, the world’s leading marketing consultant says:

“It’s not about marketing…It’s not about business building… It’s all about gaining access and leveraging assets that other businesses don’t value or recognize they have.

It’s all about using systems to Capitalize on Capitalism.”


What questions do you have about ASKING?







15-Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist

15 Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist



So how can 22-year-old, Number 2 ranked PGA Golfer Jordan Spieth…

… help you generate more Ideal Client Leads from Linkedin?


Golf is simple.

       1. Have a sound strategy, a game plan.

2. Execute each shot with complete trust, focus, and confidence.


That’s basically Jordan Spieth’s game plan to defend his U.S. Open Championship this week at Oakmont Country Club outside Pittsburgh, PA.

Oakmont is considered one of the toughest tests in golf.

It has thick, brutal rough, tight narrow, slooped fairways, and lightening fast greens.

Golf is simple.

Golf is not easy.


Generating Leads on Linkedin is simple.


1. Have a solid strategy, a Game Plan.

2. Take focused, confident action DAILY with complete trust that results will follow.


See… it’s simple.

But not always easy.


This checklist is a step-by-step process designed to put you on the path to get better results from your time invested in Linkedin Lead Generation.

It’s based on a proven system that works for thousands of businesses.

So go ahead.

Take 15 minutes to find out how to win the Linkedin Lead Funnel Game.


[feature_box style=”14″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

Pressed for Time?

Take 5 quick seconds and…

Grab the 15-Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist PDF

Just Click Here for INSTANT Access



OK… if you’re still here…

Let’s dive into the Checklist now.


Build Foundation and Game Plan


Go ahead.

Answer these five question to find out if you’re working from a solid foundation and have a sound Game Plan before you just dive into Linkedin.

Lots of businesses skip this, or fail to really think it through.

The result?

Lots of wasted time and effort on Linkedin.

Tons of Frustration.

Too few Leads or the wrong kind of Leads.


[bullet_block large_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”bold”]
  • I have written specific and measurable Goals and Objectives for using Linkedin as a Lead Source
  • I’ve identified my Marketing Assets and leverage them in my Linkedin efforts
  • I know my Marketing DNA and use my natural marketing communication strengths
  • I’ve identified my top ten most profitable clients and have a written Ideal Client Profile
  • I have a written One Page Ideal Client Profile that tracks Linkedin search criteria


Create Killer Linkedin Profile


Having an optimized Linkedin Profile is key to attracting and making potential Ideal Client Connections on Linkedin.

Your Linkedin Profile serves as your Connection Landing Page and Sales Page.

It must focus on your Client, not you.

Is YOUR Linkedin Profile crafted to get the Connection and then lead Potential Ideal Clients to want to learn more about how you can help them?

Answer these five questions to find out.


[bullet_block large_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”bold”]
  • My Linkedin Profile has a Professional Looking Photo and Background Image that matches my Personal Brand Message
  • My Linkedin Headline includes keywords and clearly communicates what I do and who I help
  • My Linkedin Summary effectively communicates my story, value, and includes a Call To Action
  • I have at least three Recommendations that back up the value promise I deliver to my clients
  • My Linkedin Profile converts visitors into Connections with my Ideal Client Prospects at a rate of 40% or more


GGrow Linkedin Connections


Way to go!

You have a solid strategy and Game Plan in place.

Your Linkedin Profile is client-facing and effectively converts visitors into potential Ideal Client Connections.

Now it’s time to get more of these Connections.

Are you taking ACTION every day to grow your Linkedin Connections?

These five questions will show you if you’re on the right track:


[bullet_block large_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”bold”]
  • I visit at least 10 Targeted Ideal Client Prospect Profiles every day
  • I send at least 5 Connection requests daily
  • I personalize every Connection request
  • I have over 500 Targeted Ideal Client Prospect Connections
  • In addition to Ideal Client Connections, I have connections with Key Influencers and Journalists in my Target Market


Build Relationships Linkedin Connections


Now your Linkedin Lead Funnel is starting to show some results.

You’ve created a daily habit of taking ACTION on your Game Plan.

Your Linkedin Profile tells your story and offers immediate value for your Ideal Client Connections.

You’re adding targeted Ideal Client Prospect Connections every day.

Now, here’s where patience pays HUGE dividends.

Lots of Professional Services businesses want to jump in and get Connections on the phone and try to close ’em as a client.

Settle down. Take a breathe.

Build the relationship. Make a friend. Add value.

Are you taking these five steps to make it happen?


[bullet_block large_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”bold”]
  • I always send a Welcome Message to new Connections
  • I have a multi-step Message Follow-Up System for my Ideal Client Connections
  • I share relevant Content Daily on Linkedin
  • I publish Content at least weekly on Linkedin Pulse
  • I like, share, and comment on Content my Ideal Client Connections publish and share every day.


Invite Linkedin Connections Engage


All Right… Now here’s where and how your Linkedin Daily efforts pay off.

Keep in mind, Linkedin is a great place to connect with your potential Ideal Clients, along with Key Influencers, and Journalists who can help you spread the word about your Professional Services.

Linkedin is a tremendous platform to build relationships at scale with hundreds, even thousands of potential clients.

But it’s NOT the place to sell.

To convert Connections to Clients, you must have a friction-free system to move your Connections from Linkedin to your email list, or agree to an initial phone call.

Answer the following five questions to discover if you have the basic elements of a friction-free system in place:


[bullet_block large_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Oswald” font_style=”bold”]
  • I tag and track my potential Ideal Client Connections
  • I use a CRM system or spreadsheet to track Connection activity
  • I share valuable information with my Ideal Client Connections before making an off Linkedin Call To Action
  • I offer my Ideal Client Connections a simple, easy to consume, value-packed Lead Magnet
  • I use an online Calendar Appointment Scheduler to book make booking phone appointments with Connections simple and efficient


Your Linkedin Lead Funnel Scorecard


So how did you score?

Let’s add ’em up and find out.

There are five questions in each of the five sections for a total of 25 questions.

Add up all those you answered with a firm YES or checked off as doing.


If you have:

20 – 25  Yes, or Checked answers:  You have a solid Linkedin Lead Funnel. You have a Game Plan and you’re taking ACTION. Good for you!

15 – 19:  You’re doing ok, but have room for improvement.

0 – 14:  Perhaps you’re just getting started, aren’t sure if Linkedin can help you, or you’re flat out lost and need help?


Also, look at your scores in each of the sections to pinpoint your Linkedin Lead Funnel areas for improvement:

4-5: Good

2-3: OK

0-1: Need help!



Now It’s Your Move


Here are two ACTION ITEMS for you to take.

1. If you know someone else who could benefit from this 15-Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist, go ahead and email them the link to this post:

Hey Josh,

I know you’re trying to get off the cash flow roller coaster and build an ENDLESS FLOW of high-quality leads.

Maybe upping your game on Linkedin is the answer?

Check this out:

15-Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist

You’ll thank me for it…


2. Before you scoot away, make sure you grab the 15-Minute Linkedin Lead Funnel Checklist PDF.

In addition to getting INSTANT ACCESS to the checklist, you’ll get Daily Emails on how to put these Linkedin Lead strategies and systems into action.

You’ll also find a Special FREE Bonus offer inside the PDF.



Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to call B.S. on anything here, go ahead and drop a comment below.



Are You an Awkward Asker?

awkward ask wins clients … or a Perfect Pitcher?

So yesterday I roll into the local supermarket to pick up a few items.

Wow… what the… where is everything?

Since I’ve been out of town for the past month, the whole freaking store has been remodeled.

Good: there’s now a whole craft beer section. (big win here in Pennsylvania!)

Not so good: Everything else in the store moved.

Where’s the coffee? The red licorice? (yep, my fav unhealthy habit)

So, since I HATE shopping and spending ONE second more than needed in the grocery store, I was forced to awkwardly ask a store clerk:

“Hmmm, so tell me, where’s the coffee? And, how ’bout the candy?”

No problem, huh… it’s only a simple question to some kid at the store?

Yeah, but it felt kinda weird since I’ve been in this store hundreds of times. I KNEW where things were located. I shouldn’t have to ASK.

Here’s the thing:

Awkward asking, according to Blair Enns, is ok.

“Awkward is okay. Awkward is good. It’s real. Slick is, well, slick. A thin, viscous coating.”

Blair nails it here.

Leave your Perfect Pitch and your slick Slide Deck in the trunk.

You Win More Clients when you’re vulnerable and awkwardly asking questions.


So let me ask you a couple questions…


How do you show up to client presentations prepared to ask probing, uncomfortable questions?

What’s the toughest question for you to ask a prospective client?

And a final question:

How can I give you more value you can use to help build your business?