How to Decide What Clients You Don’t Want and DO Want to Attract

Opposites Attract

Decide Who You Don’t and DO Want in Your Business


Here’s a quick time out to re-focus your business…

… and make sure you’re doing business from a position of STRENGTH rather than out of need.

WHO Don’t You Want?

Knowing WHO you don’t want is the springboard to building your business.

Knowing WHO you don’t want is simply your current reality.

And your current reality can change.


WHO Don’t You Want?

  • in your business?
  • in the projects you’re doing?
  • in the clients you’re attracting?
  • in your life?

What kinds or types of customers… er, clients…

Do You NOT want in Your Business?

Question and examine WHO you Don’t Want..


Focus on Your Do WANT!

If you realize that you can have anything, be anything, do anything…

Then the question becomes:



The trick is turning around everyone of your complaints to something you do want.

“I’m sick and tired of wasting my time with price-shoppers and tire kickers!”


“I WANT to ATTRACT clients that appreciate the value I deliver and willingly accept my prices as fair.


Start to Focus on WHO you WANT!

Lots of entrepreneurs create their businesses out of their own perceptions.

If you focus on lack, you’ll get more lack. If you complain about price-shoppers, you’ll get more price-shoppers.

Knowing WHO you WANT helps you aim your business in the direction you want to take it.

Where do you WANT your business to go?

What do you consciously select for your business?

Decide this TODAY:


WHO… the clients you DO Want in your business!




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