How Tiger Woods’ Problem Is What’s Wrong With Your Marketing

For a win clients marketing in syncfive year period, from 2000-2005, Tiger Woods was without question the best golfer in the world.

He dominated the PGA Tour and racked up wins.

Today, Tiger’s game has plummeted.

Yes, he’s had his personal scandal. He’s had injuries.

In an effort to protect his body from the stress repeating a PGA Tour level swing requires, Tiger decided to change his swing.

Today, Tiger’s golf swing is a work in progress.

Things look great for Tiger in practice and on the practice range before teeing it up in competition.

But, when Tiger steps between the ropes to compete under pressure, his swing doesn’t hold up.

He’s stuck. Stuck between old swing patterns and the new. Stuck with his upper body not in sync with his lower body.

The result: Tiger sprays drives left and right. His approach shots into the green lack the normal laser-like accuracy. leading to rounds over 80 and missed cuts.


Lots of Professional Services and independent Digital Marketers suffer in the same way as Tiger Woods.

Out of sync marketing

Dan Kennedy describes marketing that works in sync as a three-legged stool:

RIGHT Market

RIGHT Message


All three legs are equally important and support the other legs.


Getting marketing in sync starts

with nailing down and understanding

your RIGHT Market.


It starts with identifying your Ideal Client, deeply understanding his/her problems, challenges, dreams desires, where he/she hangs out, and the specific language he/she uses to describe the problem.

Without getting the Market RIGHT, the greatest copywriting and the best offer made in any Media has little chance of making money.


Coming soon…

A real-life Case Study

I’ll dig into a 15 year old personal case study of how a CPA/Financial Advisor tripled his practice income in 17 months when he started focusing on his RIGHT Market.

As a Special Bonus, you’ll get the Client Development Program Template we used that you can duplicate and use in your business.

About The Author

Walt Goshert

When not on the golf course, Walt Goshert keeps busy helping Professional Services Firms and SoloPreneurs generate MORE Qualified Leads. He specializes in building Investment-Grade Lead and Demand Generation Systems.