Marketing Lessons from The Political People of Facebook

one focus ideal clientWanna take a quick, cheap break when you’re bored?

Check out Facebook comments on nearly ANY political post.


Here’s a brief exchange I saw today:

Comment: “Vote for Bernie!  We need to BERN this place down and get some new Berniture. Get on the Berntrain to Berniesville… and feel the BERRRRRRN!?

(Too funny… in a stoned teen kinda way.)

Reply: Only if he gets a sex change. I’m voting for a woman. If not Hillary, then Green Party’s Jill stein. Or any other party than Republican that has a woman on the ticket. Or write one in.

(Ok… sounds like you’re open-minded, huh?)

Reply to the Reply: ^ exactly why we are screwed. Advancing one cause without consideration for the system.


And there it is!

Hidden inside one short Facebook political exchange among strangers…

A REAL truth you can apply to building your business.


Advancing ONE cause…


Maybe a bit naive when it comes to your vote for President…

But a focus on ONE Ideal Client makes all the difference in your marketing.

When you get clear on that ONE Ideal Client, your marketing message must become laser-targeted.

You’re talking about solving the problems, building a relationship with, educating, and helping, this ONE client.

Helping this ONE type of Ideal Client becomes your cause.

Rather than chasing a clown car full of prospects, you ATTRACT that ONE type of Client you KNOW will appreciate and gladly pay your fees for the value you deliver.


… consideration for the system.


Here’s something for your consideration.

Do you have a system in place in your business to attract ONE, then another, then another… Ideal Client in your business?

Focus and systems will set you free.

Wasting time on Facebook?

Probably not.

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