Playing the Back Nine of 2015

2015 marketing scoreIt’s Tuesday June 30th.

You’re about to hole out the last putt of the Front Nine of 2015.

Bob Rotella, a sports psychologist who coaches top PGA Tour Golfers, wrote two books:

“Golf Is a Game of Confidence”

“Life Is a Game of Confidence”

Both these books have helped my own golf game… and life.

I also realized this truth:



“Marketing Is a Game of Confidence”


I’ve notice that how my marketing “scored” in the past will determine the confidence I have in what I’m doing in my marketing, and what I’ll commit to doing or not doing in the future.

So, as we’re about to “make the turn” on 2015…


How does your “Marketing Scorecard” look?


1. It’s filled with bogeys and a couple blow-up holes- double and triple bogeys and worse?

Your marketing isn’t working. You’re not playing well at all.

2. A string of pars interrupted with a bogey every few holes?

Just as your marketing reaches a comfortable stride, you make a couple silly mistakes that cost you.

3. Maybe you card is consistently boring? A front nine score of all pars.

Your marketing isn’t flashy. It’s consistent and systematic.

4. You’re playing the round of your career. In addition to pars, you’ve carded three or four birdies.

Your marketing is working.

It’s consistent and effective.

You’re landing more… and better more profitable clients… than you ever imagined.


So, how did you “score” in the first half of 2015?


Even if you’re not a golfer, how you “scored” in the first half of the year provides clues of what’s in store for the rest of the year.

1. If your Marketing Scorecard is filled with bogeys and worse, you gotta make adjustments and start playing a different game.

Usually, this means going back to the basics.

Focus on attracting Ideal Clients. Commit to marketing consistency, such as three daily outreach calls or emails to new prospects. 

2. You’re playing an effective marketing game, but have a couple challenges?

Keep focused on the the basics and consistency. Work on improving your mareketing systems and processes, even when you’re busy with client projects.

Typically, when we get busy with client projects, our consistency slips. We don’t make the calls, send out the emails, or write the posts. Hey, what will it hurt if I miss a day… I got lots of work!

Funny, how marketing and business growth is so much more about consistently sticking to a process rather than searching for some bright, shiny break through.

 3.  Congrats… your marketing is boring, but it’s working like clockwork.

You’re not making any mistakes that hurt your score.

Maybe on the back nine you take a couple smart chances and fire at a few pins to set up a couple of birdie chances?

In addition to your daily marketing activity, you decide to do a webinar or live workshop to attract more Ideal Clients.

4. Way to go… your Marketing is on FIRE.

Your marketing is both consistent and highly effective.

It’s important to keep calm, focus on the consistent activities that are working, and continue to take smart chances to score clients.


So, how about YOUR Marketing?

Which of the four Front Nines did you play so far this year?


About The Author

Walt Goshert

When not on the golf course, Walt Goshert keeps busy helping Professional Services Firms and SoloPreneurs generate MORE Qualified Leads. He specializes in building Investment-Grade Lead and Demand Generation Systems.