Shameless, Sleazy Politicians Teach Marketing

how to attract influencers


$500 MILLION Dollars.

A half a BILLION Dollars.

Yep, that was the amount of cold, hard cash Special Interest groups and multi-national corporations invested in buying INFLUENCE.

What did this Influence buy?

Passing the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership fast track deal in Congress.

To gain access to Influencers in the House of Representatives and The Senate, cash is king.

Cash is needed to get re-elected, maintain power, and yes, along the way get rich.

It’s shameless and sleazy because we all know it’s legalized bribery.


Hey why not join ’em?

Access to Influencers in your Market can transform your business.

Good news…

You don’t have to stoop to the shameless and sleazy tricks of politicians and Special Interest Lobbyists.

The currency to gain access to Influencers in the Digital Marketing world is value and traffic.

Influencers- those sites who already have traffic and a following of people in your target market- need to continue to deliver value to their visitors to keep traffic flowing and growing.

So, how do you add value for Influencers?


It really takes three simple steps.

1. Do your homework.

Find out what content is popular on the Influencer’s site.

Use BuzzSumo to find out what content is shared most and identify Influencers in your target market.

2. Make the most shared content better- add more value to it.

Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique explains how to take an existing popular blog post and add more value to it.

3. Reach out to Influencers.

But don’t be a jerk about it.

Owners of popular blogs get tons of requests to share, link to, and promote content.

Keep your emails short and to the point.

Simply explain why you felt their original post was so valuable, and inform them that you published related content to add to the discussion. Let them decide if what you put together is valuable for them.

The secret is to reach out to multiple Influencers.

Some will connect and help you.

Some, perhaps lots, will ignore you.

Getting on the radar of Influencers in your target market isn’t going to cost you millions.

But it does take hard work and effort.

Having the right Influencers in you pocket can be THE difference maker for your business.

Do the Hustle.

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