Two Things Killing Your Conversions

3 silent conversion killersToday, a change of plan…

I had a Daily Email all mapped out for you.

But, a video from Dan Fagella of CLV boost caused me to ditch it.


In the following 16 minute video, Dan shares Conversion GOLD to increase conversions and boost leads on your blog. 

3 Powerful Methods to Decrease Conversion Friction and Make More Sales Online

While Dan, goes into 3 Methods, it really boils down to TWO things that kill conversions.

Both of these are subtle, and happen in your Ideal Prospect’s subconscious mind.


2 HUGE Conversion Killers


1. Friction

Capturing qualified Leads from your blog posts is a process, a finely tuned system. 

All the parts from the blog post, the Call To Action, The Opt-In Pop-Up or Landing Page, The Thank You/Delivery Page, The Welcome Email…

ALL The Parts MUST work together smoothly.

It’s human nature. If a threat appears. the prospect either fights or runs away.

ANY friction, even a small sign of threat, and your prospects are gone.


2. Not Congruent

Always deliver, or exceed to deliver, what is expected.

If you don’t, it’s not congruent.

This sets off flashing warning lights and alarms bells in your prospect’s head.

If you get your prospect all fired up to solve a pressing problem, and promise Instant Access to a Content Upgrade that delivers the solution…

And then…

On your Thank You page after the prospect opts-in, you present a 15 minute sales video and force your new prospect to click through five pages of up-sell offers, until you finally give him or her the link to the Content Upgrade…

You broke your promise of Instant Access.

And, most likely destroyed trust and any possibility to land the prospect as a client down the road.


Oh yeah, one more “BONUS” thing killing your conversions…

You will encounter friction in your Lead Capture process, regardless of how much time and effort you spend.

Some of the things you build won’t be congruent.

You’ll fail to see them, but your prospects experience them.

The proof will reveal itself in what types of prospects you ultimately convert into Ideal Clients.

So what’s the “BONUS” conversion killer”?



You gotta FIGURE IT OUT.





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