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David Carothers of Killing Commercial and I dive into Work Comp and LinkedIn Prospecting

The 3X3 Roadmap to Go From "Commodity Agent" to Trusted Authority Advisor revealed with Michael Jans

A wide ranging talk with Jason Cass of Agency Intelligence

ControlIn' LinkedIn: Series of 5 Workshops with The Institute of Work Comp Professionals

3 Proven Prospecting Processes to Build Your Book of Business: Workshop with The Institute of Work Comp Professionals

LinkedIn Articles

How to Make an Offer Your Best Prospects Can't Refuse

The Woo-Woo Path to ATTRACT Clients

How to FOCUS Your Daily Prospecting...While Still Having Time To Service and Retain Your Current Clients

The Three Things That Never Change in Attracting Clients

Forget Referrals. Think Introductions.

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Prospecting Foundation and Strategy

Mission-Vision-Goals Planner

Commercial Insurance Advisor Vision Slide Show

Personal Reality Brainstorm

Discover Your “Perfect Fit”Client in 5 Minutes

Build Your Target 150 List

YOUR Value Difference Worksheet

The Client Buying Experience Steps

Commercial Insurance Irresistible Offer Worksheet

Prospecting Power Checklist

How to Go From “Commodity Agent” to Trusted Authority Advisor

Prospecting Processes

Looking for a simple, yet clever, and effective...Prospecting System?

Networking Event Secrets

Business Development “Brainstorms” How to Turn Current “Perfect Fit” Clients into Introduction Advocates

Client Value Carrot- How to Create a Power-Packed Tool That ATTRACTS Prospects into Your Pipeline

Shock and Awe Package- How to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert and Qualify Leads

Strategic Centers of Influence Guide

Referral Activator Scorecard

Authority Positioning: “Guest” Opportunities Brainstorm

“Perfect Fit” Testimonial/Ideal Introduction Process

6-Minute Value Pitch

Client Testimonial Request Letter

Pitch Anything Presentation Formula

LinkedIn Positioning and Prospecting

LinkedIn Profile Guide for Commercial Insurance and Risk Advisors

Client-Focused Hero’s Journey

LinkedIn Profile Effectiveness Scorecard

Voice messages with the LinkedIn App

LinkedIn Target Market Search Cheat Sheet

How to Comment on LinkedIn with Value-Add Insights

LinkedIn Document Post and Re-Purpose Tips

LinkedIn Post Template- Simple Formula to Write Engaging LinkedIn Posts... FAST

LinkedIn Post Worksheets

LinkedIn Message Templates

5 Step LinkedIn Prospecting Process

Client, Prospect, Strategic Partner “Champion” LinkedIn Posts

Connection and Content: Get Clear on WHO Is a “Perfect Fit” Connection

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