The ONE Thing You Need to Declare Your Independence

confidence changes everythingOn this 4th of July Eve…

As I’m excited to tee it up, grill it up, and suck down a couple of craft brews over the weekend…

First a quick thought…

What’s the ONE thing SoloPros need to have to succeed?

What do you need to have to…

Say “No” to certain clients, and “Yes” to others?

To firmly set and deliver your project price?

To ask and get prompt up-front payment from clients?

To lead qualified prospects to make a decision to hire you?

To fire clients who waste your time and don’t appreciate the value you deliver?

Push clients to publish and use your copy when they disagree with your approach?




Confidence changes everything.

Confidence changes who you’ll attract to your business, how you price your services, and how you communicate with clients.

Confidence makes you attractive to the RIGHT audience, your Ideal Cleints.

Confidence fills you with the belief that you can do it.

Confidence eliminates the need to use hype and over-promise to land clients.

Confidence eliminates neediness, the Number ONE silent killer of  attracting a steady flow of Ideal Clients.

Rather than hearing prospect coversations that begin with “Here’s what we need. What’s you price?”

And then you blurt out a price and cross your fingers that it’s low enough.


With CONFIDENCE, you lead prospect conversations to choose you because they’re convinced you’re the best fit.

“If you want me, here’s your investment. As soon as I get your full payment, I’ll put you on my Project Schedule.”

With CONFIDENCE you can tee it up, grill it up, and down your favorite craft beers without worrying this weekend if you’ll get the payment from that new client.

Happy 4th of July SoloPro!

About The Author

Walt Goshert

When not on the golf course, Walt Goshert keeps busy helping Professional Services Firms and SoloPreneurs generate MORE Qualified Leads. He specializes in building Investment-Grade Lead and Demand Generation Systems.

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