Unfair Advantage Using The Power of Words


Word Power

What Words Power Your Marketing?


Is your content generating merely a trickle of leads? 


A nickel or a dime tossed at you from time to time…


Or, does your content MOVE prospects to dig into their pockets and respond differently?





Leadership-Quality” SEO Content

Changes Your Words and Your World 
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In a sea of content floating around all of us online, most of us simply keep walking, minding our own business.

Only when your marketing message says the same thing, but with different words, will your message get MORE people to stop, pay attention, and ultimately act.


The Content Quality Bar Has Been Raised

Back five years ago, before all the social media noise, when Facebook and Twitter were just gaining traction, getting top search engine rankings and driving traffic to your website from Google was pretty easy.

Lots of people knew how to “game” Google and made easy money.

Today the online game demands you play at a higher level.

Google is no longer the only game in town to drive traffic to your website.

Social media spreads and amplifies your content.

Now your content must be Mobile-friendly. SmartPhone and Tablet access changes how people interact and respond to content.


The “New” SEO is all about Market Leadership

Rather than keyword density and “gaming” Google, your focus is now on becoming the leader in your market.  (Make sure to scroll down the post and spend time watching the video. There is a brilliant 5-minute a day marketing hack here)

Simple huh?

Easy? No.

You can’t fake or “game” leadership.

You must have a plan.

With SEO copywriting, the words you use make a BIG difference.

You can use keywords to continue to try to “game” Google.

Or, you can use words to provide an experience to your readers… and in the process get on Google’s radar.

The experience you deliver and your offer makes or breaks how people respond.


It makes the difference of a trickle of nickels and dimes…

Or a shower of dollars.



Now, if you’re wondering what’s wrong with the words on your website…

And you want to change your World.

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It really is a beautiful time to be in business.

And I want to help you SEE IT.

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